About Us

With many years’ experience in both the public and private sector, it was apparent to us that identity and background checks of employment applicants was a time consuming and somewhat unreliable process for employers and recruiters. 

Ensuring you have the right staff joining your team is imperative both to the success of the team and the ongoing culture of the organisation.  Employers want quick, easy access to accurate information in order to make the right employment decisions every time.

Our aim was to eliminate the often-manual systems involving multiple organisations. These were disjointed, time consuming, and had the potential for multiple mistakes and omissions, slowing the process down even further.

There are currently thousands of false identities in New Zealand and many individuals purporting to have qualifications that they do not have, with the risks that entails.

Fully Informed

Our system provides unique critical advantages:

  • Time Saving:  The digitised system speeds the process up substantially, allowing the Employer to make fast, educated decisions around potential candidates. 
  • Cost Savings:  The system is quick and very easy for both the employer and the candidate, with the latter using their smart phone to complete the process in a matter of minutes. 
  • Security and Peace of Mind:  All data is cross-referenced, mitigating risks, and providing the Employer peace of mind.

Our primary objective is to provide seamless, fast, and compliant on-line background checking.  The 3rd Degree transforms what was once a manual and time-consuming task, to a speedy digital and paperless process available for hundreds of businesses, volunteer organizations and statutory authorities throughout New Zealand.

Utilising Cutting Edge technology, biometrics, facial recognition we firstly ascertain and confirm the identity of an Applicant, all with the applicant simply using an invitation received on their cellphone.  Two minutes later, digitally with the Applicant’s full authority, we then provide Confirmation of Identity, Proof of Address, Credit Check, Criminal Background Check, and Confirmation of their Drivers Licence Status - All digital and paperless.  


The Power of Digital

The 3rd Degree system is entirely digital and paperless and it empowers you, the prospective employer, to carry out prudential background checks simply to ensure that you know exactly the background of your prospective applicant enabling you to make prudential employment decisions.  For absolute security, all data files are automatically deleted.

Our Objective

Digital Empowerment for Employers

The 3rd Degree empowers Clients, delivering Applicant profiles through innovative digital technologies.  This digital application process enables organisations to enhance their business objectives and culture.

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